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Missions. As a common buzzword today, it can be hard to define. If you polled 10 people on how they define missions, you’ll likely get 11 different responses! Is it evangelism, feeding the poor, or translating the Bible? Does it happen across the ocean? Does it happen across the street? Is it applicable for only those who are sent out to do it, or is it the call of every Christian? Some advocate for the extremes—missions is all or nothing.

At Hope, we think that all believers are sent and should be “on mission;” however, for clarity of terms, we use “missions” to describe those who are pursuing being “on mission” in a cross-cultural manner.

We define Missions as…

The advancement of the kingdom of God by starting cross-cultural, God-glorifying, cross-centered, gospel-focused, biblically-sound, culturally-relevant, impactful, reproducing churches (assemblies) to help as many people as possible become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Hope is dedicated toward helping those who are called cross-culturally with the extra needs that accompany that call.


From Genesis to Revelation, God’s heart is clearly for the nations and all people. We want to always be actively asking God how we can be involved in spreading the gospel cross-culturally to those who have not heard. For more information or questions, click the link below. 

Additionally, many opportunities, updates, and conversations are posted on MyHopeCC. Make sure to to join the Missions and Global Church

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The Mission Team

The missions team prayerfully and strategically aims to glorify God by exposing, educating, and equipping the people of Hope Community Church to move across cultural divides and help bring the gospel to the world and make disciples of all people through global church planting. The key question we ask for each of those roles is as follows:

Expose — “How can we help move people from unaware, to aware?”

Educate — “How can we help move peopel from aware to concerned?”

Equip — “How can we help move people from concerned to engaged?”

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Sending & Support

For some of you, God has laid it on your heart to go. We’re so encouraged by that! If you’re seeking to be sent by Hope, here is where to start.

All prospective missionaries seeking Hope affiliation will self-select one of the three following categories:

  1. Partner
  2. Support
  3. Gift

These levels of support are provided to aid prospective missionaries in understanding Hope’s priorities in mission, funding, accountability, and review.

If you’re interested in applying, please reach out to danfarr@hopecc.com


Jon Neal

Jon Neal

Executive Pastor



Missions Coordinator