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Recurring giving can be done through a Subsplash account. One time gifts do not require an account.

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Please visit our LDI website to donate either to the LDI general fund or an individual intern.

LDI Giving

We believe giving is a worshipful response to God. All of life is in response to how God has already given. Christ has freed us to truly live. We give not because we have to, but because we get to. The God who frees us is also the Creator and true owner of everything. We are simply His stewards, and are called to be intentionally mindful with how we steward His resources.

Giving cheerfully and sacrificially is a part of our worship. Hope Community Church believes there are endless ways to give and therefore bless others. This includes your:


There are only so many hours in a day.  How can you use it better to focus on eternal things rather than temporal things? Where are you investing your time?


We believe God has gifted you in a unique and awesome way! You were specifically created to be a part of the larger body of Christ, so that it functions as a complete and healthy organism. How are you utilizing the ways God has wired you? How are you using your skills to be a blessing to those around you?


God also gives us tangible resources that we are to steward. Let us never forget that God owns 100% of everything. It’s His to begin with. Often your heart will follow your money. Giving generously is a way to worship God.

HCC does not allow for refunds of donations. A charitable contribution is a gift and an irrevocable transfer of a donor’s interest in the money. In the situation that a donor has restricted a gift, Hope Community Church will return the donor’s gift if for some reason the church cannot use the funds for the donor intended purpose.