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Alumni Mentor Program

Complement your spiritual development this year by getting matched with an alumni with similar interests or work experience. Click the icon to sign up for a mentor.

Leader Labs

Increase your influence for the gospel in an accessible, workshop setting with free lunch. Click the icon to RSVP for your free lunch.

Hope Bus

The Hope Bus drives through campus each and every Sunday during the school year to take students like you to and from Hope! Click the icon to find your stop.


Hop-On The

Hope Bus

So how’d you hear about Hope?

“Well, I actually just got on the Hope Bus…I went to a couple services; I liked how low pressure Hope felt, and then I joined a small group to meet more people. Now it’s been several years, some of those original small group people are my good friends, and I feel like Hope is my home.”

We hear this story a lot at Hope. We hope it might yours as well!


we'll bring you back

No need to grab a ride or walk back to campus. A little bit after the service you can head back to where the Hope Bus or Van dropped you off. One of Hope’s staff will be waiting to drive the bus/van back to campus.

We got your hot drink

Once you arrive at Hope you can head downstairs in the community room and grab some free hot coffee (or iced coffee – depends on the season), a selection of tea, or a hot drink like hot chocolate.

When The Hope Bus Stops

For the 8:45 AM Service


Pickup at 8:10 AM

17th Avenue

Pickup at 8:15 AM


Pickup at 8:20 AM


Pickup at 8:25 AM


Pickup at 8:30 AM

For the 10:30 AM Service


Pickup at 9:55 AM

17th Avenue

Pickup at 10:00 AM


Pickup at 10:05 AM


Pickup at 10:10 AM


Pickup at 10:15 AM

Want More Info?

Reach out to one of us and we’ll help you! We’re excited to meet you!



We actually drive both! We use the bus to pick up students for the 8:45AM service, but switch to our 16 passenger van for the 11am.

If I show up to one of the Hope Stops late, do you think I missed the pickup?

Yup. You probably did. Sounds like it’s time to wait for the 10:30 AM service, or grab a ride with a friend.

What about SNOW? or EXTREME weather? Or other incidents that might prevent the BUS/VAN from driving?

We’ll update our Twitter account with any information regarding changes to the BUS or VAN pickup schedule.

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Have Any Questions?

Hope Offices

707 10th Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55415

Monday-Thursday: 9:00-4:00

(612) 378-8820