Leadership Development Institute

Church-Based Leadership Development

We believe that churches are uniquely equipped and commissioned for the work of raising-up future Kingdom leaders. This is because leadership development in a church context allows for an ongoing 360º view of the leader’s life by staff, peers, and members of the congregation in a variety of settings.

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is a ministry of Hope Community Church designed to equip all followers of Christ to explore and grow in leadership, biblical thinking, Christ-like character, and ministry skills for service both inside and outside the church.

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An internship with the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Hope Community Church is for any follower of Christ! This is a rare opportunity to set aside a short time of your life to strength and stretch your relationship with God while growing in practical leadership skills. This internship builds a strong foundation for the lives and faith-walks of its participatnts by focusing on developing biblical thinking, Christ-like character, and ministry skills.

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Opportunities with LDI


Seminars are one-time events where participants gather to dig deeper into topics impacting the church, our lives, and the culture around us.

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Classes cover a wide range of topics and meet in a small group setting weekly. They range from 3-16 weeks in length and include topics such as (but are not limited to) systematic theology, a survey of the Old & New Testament, biblical theology, a study of the book of Acts, and more.

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Retreats are week-long or weekend events that take an intense dive into books or the Bible of biblical concepts.

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