When Life Looks Differently

My passion for travel and interacting with people of other cultures has not yet led me to the life I imagined I would have since graduating college 6 years ago. Instead I find myself living a settled life in Minneapolis with my husband, Jason, and our dog, focusing on work, maintaining a house, and devoting spare time to family, friends, and church. While I love this life with its comforts and “promises” of  security and happiness, Jason and I continue to talk about living abroad, teaching English, and supporting relief and development organizations. This will require paying off debt, not acquiring more, and leaving these comforts behind. This is still going to take a few years but we want to truly start pursuing it and we need strength from God to do so. Its all very exciting but also very scary. I tend to be a people pleaser and I fear the reaction of friends and family as we talk more seriously about this. I am praying for the courage to give up comfort and control and follow wherever God leads us.

Fay McCormick

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