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This past year has been a hard one. There were family related challenges with my grandma’s progressing dementia, lots of change in close friendships, and ever increasing stressors at work. There has been a lot of goodness in amidst the crap, but in the end, I still have found myself battling against fear, anxiety, and generally feeling like I am one step away from completely falling apart.

I’d like to say that I just turned to the gospel and life is good. Well… as it turns out, sometimes I prefer to pull up my hood and hide in my closet. (This is real life people). Surprisingly enough, this is not a helpful response.

So what has been beneficial in battling fear and anxiety when they creep into my life?

  • Figuring out what lies I’m believing and continually replacing them with truth
  • Making a regular practice of releasing to God what was never mine to control
  • Admitting when I’m not okay so that my gospel friends can come alongside me and continually point me back to Jesus, pray for me, challenge me, encourage me and support me.

Do I do all these things well? Do I do them consistently? No. Each day I have a choice. Do I hide or do I step into the light of the gospel? Despite my stubbornness, God is teaching me to come to him in my fear and anxiety rather than trust in my own ability to fix things.

Hebrews 6 tells us that hope in Christ is an anchor for our soul. Anchors keep a ship from horizontal movement, but the ship still moves vertically with the waves. We live in a sinful and broken world. God doesn’t promise there won’t be wind or waves or storms, but he does promise to keep us from floating away in the midst of it all. I need that kind of anchor in my life. I need the gospel.

Laura Karsjens

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