Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen & Jesus

DavidSpeakingI grew up with 3 sisters. This means I watched my fair share of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movies. Once the Olsen twins came to the Mall of America. I was in my early teens and I went along with my sister and mom to see them. My hopeless romantic heart hoped that the Olsen twins would see me and want me to hang out with them for the day.

I was so eager to see them that I went to the first floor and pushed my way to the front where they would walk in. If anyone asked why I was there, I planned to tell them that I was saving a spot for my sister.

My sister and mom never came because they were content up on the third floor. But I got to see Ashley and Mary-Kate less than five feet away! In a brief moment I made eye contact with one of them. At least I convinced myself I did.

Do you want to know the main reason I was there and wanted to be seen by them? Because then I would have felt like I was important.

This past Sunday (1/17), Pastor Steve talked about knowing Jesus in Philippians 3:7-11. And then he said, “A lot of people don’t want to know Jesus but want to go to heaven, which is stupid, because heaven is being with Jesus.” And in our service he asked, “Do you want to know Jesus?” And something to the extent of, ‘do you want to know him more and more like Paul describes in Phil 3:7-11? Or are you just excited about heaven?’

I know the right answer to that question, but it would not be my honest answer. My honest answer? I confess I often do not want to know Jesus more, I just want him to make me feel important.

I confess my sinfully corrupted flesh sees Jesus as a spiritual celebrity of whose importance I can leech off. I leech and feel important by acting religious, being an intern at a church, knowing lots of the Bible so people think I’m smart or holy, having people see me serve, etc…

How great and disgusting is my selfishness that I treat our risen Lord like a celebrity to feel important!

BUT how great and wonderful a savior we have that Jesus died on the cross and rose again for the forgiveness of even my selfishness!

I’m thankful for guys in my small group. Because I do want to know Christ more. And I want to want to know him more! They are praying with me, to strive to know Jesus better. Not as a celebrity, but as my friend, my savior, and my God.

This is my prayer for you too.

– David Ruess

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