Running For Clean Water, Seeing God’s Faithfulness

My story with Team World Vision (TWV) and the 2015 Twin Cities Marathon began earlier this year. First, a little information about TWV before I begin. TWV is a ministry of World Vision that invites people to race in endurance events while raising money for clean water projects for communities in Africa. In the last 10 years over 25,000 people across the states have raced in event with TWV.

This past January, I sat down with a few staff members to share more about TWV and my dream of having a team at Hope for the coming season. The staff was onboard with the idea but because it was a new venture for Hope, decided the best way to get people involved would be by word of mouth. At that time, I had only been attending Hope for 6 months so I was a bit intimidated by the idea. I thought,

“How I am going to build a team when I maybe know only twenty people at church by name?!”

Quickly, I came to understand prayer would be the only way. Within a month time, I had connected with 35+ people who had expressed interest in learning more about TWV! In order to share the vision with Hopesters, I set up an informational meeting for mid March and 20+ people came. I was thankful to God for the opportunity to share my vision of TWV at Hope with fellow Hopesters! I left feeling pretty encouraged and grateful to God for all those that came to the meeting and expressed interest in running.

As time went on, Hopesters began to sign up on the TWV webpage and the day it hit 25 people, I was overwhelmed, praising God for His faithfulness! By the time the training began, 30 people from Hope (mostly non-runners) signed up to run either the MN Half Marathon or Twin Cities Marathon with TWV. I was encouraged by their willingness and desire to serve these children in such a unique way.

Training throughout the summer was such an awesome experience. I was not acquainted with many of the Hopesters that signed up to run and enjoyed getting to know them throughout the season. Race day was an excitement of its own. Over 400 individuals throughout the Twin Cities committed to running with TWV for the marathon. Through an odd set of circumstances, Hope had the privilege of hosting the worship service for the marathon. All at once, two of my worlds collided! Again, I was filled with thankfulness to share these worlds with one another.

The race presented its own challenges but God continued to show His unending faithfulness to me. He placed people all throughout the race course just when I needed encouragement and I was never running alone. It was overwhelming to cross the finish line, not only because I was finally done but also because I was filled with thankfulness and joy for all that God had done in the lives at Hope!

This past season was a complete display of God’s faithfulness; from beginning to end, The Lord was orchestrating it all!

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