Reflections from Holy Week


My voice I hear. My rejection I feel.
Hatred for love, I condemn the Judge.
His eyes full of tears, losing all to heal.
Our king we kill, but nothing He begrudged.

The crowd is one, the noise turns to thunder.
Lies become truth, all reject the Word.
He fights none, the Majesty trod under.
Lashings he permitted, grace he insured.

Last Sunday we praise, His head now we graze.
Peace turned violent, we laugh and lash the Son.
Our voices, the nails, each drives in and stays.
Death has been achieved, His voice: It is done.


Was it all for naught? No! Did he lie? No!
Had death won? No! Was our faith in vain? No!
For death out of life, life must be from death!
From loss we gained, for Sunday is our rest!


The sun rises each day, the Son is risen!
The earth shakes, the stone moves, and out stepped Life!
Our sin is taken, death’s prison beaten!
Our faith is in Christ, we’re brought out of strife!

Through the Son, we’re adopted family.
For through death, our sacrifice he became.
For through life, our sins taken completely.
Through the Son, God’s forgiveness now retained.

Now come we all, each loved and saved by grace.
The King, the Son, the resurrected One.
We are free to praise, set free by our faith.
The King, the Son, the resurrected One.
Friday had to happen, for Sunday come!
Sunday happened, for Christ so loved the world!


Written by Micah Ward

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