Missional in the Workplace

I think people, knowingly or not, project a certain set of expectations and stereotypes on business leaders.

Whether it is the idea of working for “The Man” or any of the other pop culture views of The Boss.  Owning and running a company creates a unique opportunity to be missional in the workplace.

This can be in the context of employees that work for me, vendors that we partner with or the clients that we service.  They are all watching.  They are watching to see how you are going to conduct yourself in any and every situation that may come at you.  What better opportunity to be a light in the world!

I like to think about what it would look like if Jesus were the CEO of a company.  Would he be the guy that is cracking the whip or would he put his shoulder to the plow alongside everyone else?  Would he cut corners to save a dime or would he deliver a quality product that he is proud of…even if it meant making less profit?

It’s not about having the four spiritual laws sitting on your desk for people to see.  It’s about showing the glory and grace of Jesus Christ in everything that you do.

Jamie Anderson

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