Baptism of Michael Wallen

MichaelWallenThe journey to my faith in Christ has been a rocky one to say the least.  I was baptized into a Lutheran church as an infant.  Besides going to church on the occasional Sunday, I would say my relationship with God was distant, and often times completely non-existent.  I grew up with divorced parents, a mother who remarried and got divorced again, and a father who became diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease when I was 10 years old and passed away a short three months ago.  Instead of focusing on my faith to help strengthen me, I often began to resent God and His path for me.   I believed He was there, but I was truly scared to take a leap of faith and trust Him, because I felt He had continually failed me in my life.

My junior year at the University of St. Thomas was a year that changed my life forever.  This past March I came to Hope on a whim of general curiosity with my girlfriend.  I was truly blown away.  I truly felt God’s presence and for the first time in a long time I felt He was fighting for me and not against me.  I view my journey like walking across a  creaky bridge which hangs over a river and being scared to cross.  I had seen many people walk across it before and make it safely to the other side, but I was still afraid to cross.  The belief in the bridge was only in my head, and I was afraid that taking the action to walk across would result in an ultimate failure.  Coming to Hope that fateful Sunday was my leap of faith and my walking across the bridge.

My baptism is the ultimate testament to the journey I have made since that day last spring.  We can believe God exists, but in order to know Him fully we must walk across that bridge. To believe in Christ is to commit our lives by faith to Christ—to trust Him personally as our Lord and Savior, and that is what I ultimately am doing.

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