Baptism of Micah Mogler

MichaelMoglerWhen I was 14 in Mexico on a mission trip, the Lord opened my eyes to my need for a savior. I knew that I wanted to live for Him ever since I was young. I grew up in a Christian house, but never made that real commitment. I still sinned without guilt. My eyes were closed to my own sin. But when I was in Mexico, the Lord put it on my heart that I was a sinner and that I needed my life turned around.

It took me two more years before I sat down with my parents and had an honest conversation about the desire for Christ as my savior. I went through my ups and downs, but I needed to be broken. I still had secret sins that I didn’t confess to anyone except through prayer to God. I knew that these sins were wrong but I was ashamed to talk about my sin. Finally, when I was a junior in High School, the Lord led me to a conversation with my Mom where I poured everything out about my sin and the Lord broke me down. I told my Mom how I didn’t want these things to have any hold over me. She encouraged me to ask the Lord to help me and to seek Him continually in his Word. She also encouraged me to keep the conversation open and honest.

I didn’t realize that the lack of commitment to God, the lack of relationship with God, was because I hadn’t been broken before God. I held onto those sins, and until the Lord opened my eyes to the hold that sin had on my life, I remained a spiritual child. Since that point I’ve struggled on and off with different sins, but the Lord is good. Those struggles of sin in my life are no longer secret. I have accountability both to man and to my God. I know that I am loved even when I sin. I don’t want that sin in my life, but sometimes I do what I don’t want to do. The Lord has grown me through the ups and downs. I am thankful that he opened my eyes to my need for the blood of Christ. I am thankful through the hard times. I praise God for loving me as his adopted son.

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