Baptism of Micah Lindström

MicahLindstromI grew up in a Christian home. At a very young age, by the grace of God I asked Jesus into my heart. I began to seek God more earnestly in 7th grade, and since then I have been learning more about God and developing a greater desire to know Him personally as my Savior and Lord.

In the past months in particular, this desire has intensified as God has blessed me with godly people to surround and challenge me. I saw my older brother and sister baptized in high school, but I never felt the same urge.

Now, however, I recognize that whether baptism is a public declaration of a personal commitment, a means of grace, or something else I have not comprehended, we are called to both believe and be baptized. I believe (imperfectly, but that’s OK because of Mark 9:24), and December 6th I was baptized, in accordance with the desire of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

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