Living with a Smile

Growing up, I experienced times of seeking God, wondering what He had in store for my life and trying to define what my dreams and passions are.

As I was approaching July 2013 after graduating college at North Central University, I was like many other graduates. I was in the process to find a job, a place to live, a possible car and try to understand God’s forgiveness and grace! AND BOY! Is it an amazing journey! I had come to find out that through this life transition, I came back to Minneapolis in October 2013 to a job and place to live where the doors so called “closed and then re-opened”. Upon coming back, I came back to Hope Community Church!  The study “Jesus + Nothing = Everything” had just started and each week I was challenged in my faith! The Fall Women’s Beth Moore Study was also starting, that study was about the fruits of the spirit and wow! After my senior year of college, I had to learn and relearn what each of them meant again! I was definitely in the midst of regaining control of my life and experiencing again what my IDENTITY IN CHRIST looked like! (I am recognizing that this is definitely a process when you start to live on your own after college!) I feel that the thing I fear the most is consequences but, through studying God’s word, God never leaves our side. He will always be our hope yet, there is justice and mercy!

With all that to say, I became so hungry for God’s word once again and I was seeking forgiveness through the stories written 2000 years ago! And WOW! The scriptures came alive! I only gained back my joy because I sought out God and saw what his forgiveness looks and feels like! I feel that I have now made the decision to pursue God and his righteousness as much as I can through “Living Life!” I have come to realize that GOD IS MY EVERYTHING!

I would say I have trusted God throughout my whole life but, wow! After this life experience in college, and living “a so called independent life,” I now UNDERSTAND GOD’S GRACE EVEN MORE! I am thankful God sent me a wakeup call! If I was not seeking God, I feel I would be lonely and so confused wondering even more what the meaning of life is?!

Rynae Nelson

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