Living in a Very Broken World

I was born in Iran. The struggles of being born in the middle east are many. I remember as a child no understanding why people have so much hate. There came a time where my family literally had to try to escape for our lives. When I was 8 my father came and woke my brother and I to make our escape. When we made it to the airport I remember a family of 4 being shot right in front of us. Being 8 years old and covered in blood is not something I would wish for someone to see.

We finally made our escape Germany. We went to the American embassy and filed for religious asylum. We ended up in the United States almost 2 years later. I started in California and ended up moving to Tennessee. I finally got to hear there what Christ was about. I ended up saying the words to accept Christ, but that’s all they were. I didn’t mean any of them. So I never really accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. After a while I ended a 4 year relationship and I felt broken. I finally started going to church regularly. After I accepted Christ I thought everything would be great, but that was far from the truth. I ended up getting married. One morning I wake up and my wife says, “I want a divorce.” Fear set in and I had never felt so broken in my life.

I contemplated to take my life, but the love of Christ poured on me. Even then for months I debated of ending it all. The pain of divorce is unimaginable and the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone. I literally felt like I was ripped to pieces. The thing is Christ suffered and for me to assume that I would not suffer is insanity.

I cannot forget that Christ never left my side and gave me peace during the most awful time in my life.

Jack Eivazzadeh

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