Left Unsatisifed

I grew up going to church but I never took Christianity seriously. I just wanted to do my own thing. I always planned on “getting right with God” when I was older, after I’d had my fun, but he had a different plan.

I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs in high school but when I went off to college at Iowa State I got into the partying scene and my life really spun out of control. After 3 years of living for my own desires it only left me feeling empty and unhappy with the person I‘d become. Legal problems, health issues, and struggles in school also made me realize that I’d made a complete mess of my life. I thought of myself as a failure and became depressed.

After several dark months, God really got a hold of me.

In August 2010 my sister got married and in the wedding ceremony she and her husband made it clear that they were living their lives for God. I was really struck by how their lives were so joyful and fulfilling because of their faith.

I suddenly realized how that was what I’d been missing and that living for myself had only left me feeling empty and unsatisfied.

God broke me down right there in the church pew and I surrendered my life to him.

In the following months God did a lot of work in me. He helped me quit my substance abuse habits, become a responsible student, and get involved in a church and college ministry where I grew a lot and made many new gospel friends who were a great influence on me. That spring I publicly professed my faith in baptism.

I now know the joy and peace that come from resting in God’s incredible love. I’m still far from perfect and there will always be more renovation to be done, but I am now a man who has been truly transformed by the Gospel.

Luke Peterson

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