Baptism – Katelyn Sauder

Need for approval has been perhaps the most prominent of idols in my life. Despite growing up in a family that loved me unconditionally, my desire to feel deeply loved, desired, and accepted was unquenchable. I searched everywhere to find it. I poured all of my energy into unfulfilling relationships and personal accolades. My joy was drained as I based my worth upon personal performance and acceptance from others. I lived to be wanted, and it was killing me.

After a tireless pursuit of superficial love and approval, I felt no more satisfied with the person that I was; if anything, I only felt worse. My life felt like a constant act, and my heart was shredded by the grief I felt over never being good enough. That’s when Christ spoke a life-altering truth to my soul– I, a wretched, broken sinner, am seen as beautiful and blameless through the blood of Christ. The truth of Romans 8:1 deeply resonated with my heart, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” I no longer have to live ashamed of who I am, rather, I can approach the throne of God with boldness and joy. Never have I experienced any other peace like the peace that Christ’s redemption brings. I pray that, through my baptism, I may declare to myself and those witnessing that Christ is now and forever my sole object of worship.

-Katelyn Sauder

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