Is it Worth it?

What keeps buzzing through my head after one of Cor’s sermons? “Is it worth it?”

YES, YES- a thousand times, YES!!! God is so good! He comforted me when my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. He taught me patience as we struggled with infertility and waited 6 years for a child. And God used those waiting years in a mighty way as taught me about Himself. I caught glimpses of God as I dug deeper into His Word. And those glimpses were Glorious! I didn’t know it at the time, but it was preparation for the years ahead. God knew we would face a period of unemployment and financial uncertainty. He knew the depth of my grief as my parents passed from this life. He saw my legs begin to crumble under me when my husband flat-lined on a hospital bed.

Through it all His love has overwhelmed me. He has always known exactly what I needed in each situation and never failed to provide abundantly. He has been strength in my weakness, peace in times of struggle and indescribable joy in difficult circumstances. Sometimes He does things that don’t make sense to me.

Many times, He didn’t change my circumstances. He changed me.

He has taught me trust Him with my fears, failures and doubts. He is helping me sanctify my sexually immoral past. He is showing me daily how to die to my pride, worldly desires and my continual quest for perfection that will never happen this side of heaven. He has shown me that I will never fully understand the depth of the love He has for His children.

Worth it? I don’t know how people make it through the brokenness of life on earth without Him!

Nancy Richards

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