I’m Still in the Midst of It

Sometimes, when God has started renovation in my life, I’ve voluntarily lifted a hammer and said “Let’s do this!” Other times, I’ve sat in the corner stubbornly while God worked on the renovating. Most recently, God started a project in my life I didn’t see coming – He put the hammer in my hand and said “Let’s go”). From the loss of a child through miscarriage to broken relationships and a whole lot in between, I’ve recently experienced some of the greatest sorrows I’ve known.

I don’t know long-term what this renovation will look like – I’m still in the midst of it – but I can tell you what God’s teaching me now: Christian community is important.

We (my husband and I) have had people around us praying with us, sending us encouraging notes, bringing us meals, and providing childcare. I’ve had people cry with me, tell me hard truths when I’ve needed to hear them, and come alongside me to fight sin that God has revealed in my life during this time. God has been reminding me often, “Community is a tool to point people to me, don’t try to find life there and don’t put your trust there.” God is carrying us through and He’s using our community to help.

I’ve also come to understand how evil Satan is. Satan delights in suffering, sin, and brokenness. This has strengthened my desire to fight sin, to stand firm in the Lord, and to storm the gates of hell with the Gospel.

Lastly, I’ve learned empathy, compassion, and grace. I tend to be a “lace up your boots and deal with it”-type of person. There’s not a lot of empathy or care there. Through my darkest hours, I’ve learned how to say “I love you” more easily, hug more meaningfully, and care more deeply. I’ve become a better listener and become more gracious. I’ve understood a side of God that I was far from before.

This renovation is hard and sometimes really painful, but so worth it considering the work I’ve seen God do thus far!

Emily (and Jordan) Anderson

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