God Provides

Control. It is a daily struggle for me. I thrive on having a plan and knowing what to expect. I wish I could say I enjoy surprises but that is not the case. Before knowing Christ, I would become so anxious about things that were out of my control that the anxiety would cause pain in my chest. Silly, right?  Since coming to faith in 2011, my desire to have control is something I continue to give to the Lord and as I grow in my faith and learn to trust Him it has become a lot easier, thankfully! I accepted Christ as my savior in April of 2011. Shortly after I came to faith, a friend of mine lead me to Matthew 6:34, which says “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I was AMAZED at what I read.

I don’t have to worry? Awesome. Except, the verse isn’t as easy as it sounds.

My life changed drastically upon becoming a believer. Because I partied the first four years of school, I lost most of my friends. I was worried to return for my last year of school. I was challenged by a friend to surrender my worry to God and watch Him provide. And, boy did He! I got connected with a small group of ladies before fall semester began! These ladies are now some of my closet friends! There have been other instances in my life where I have been tight on money and I would watch God provide through meals or small side jobs. If God will feed the birds and clothe the flowers, why is it so easy for us to forget that our Heavenly Father will do the same for us, His children, plus so much more!!

This past June, I moved from Eau Claire to the Twin Cities. I had been living in Eau Claire for the past 7 years but felt a tug from The Lord to move to the Cities. I loved my church, had a decent job, had many close friends in the area and felt as if I had control of my life. Although the transition to MN has brought some worries and anxiety, it has been such a joy to watch the Lord provide, especially community. Since attending Hope my first weekend in MN, I have had the opportunity to get plugged in with a small group, get connected with Women of Hope and join LDI Offroad. I am so thankful to God and the ability to find rest and peace in Him.

Kaelyn Matteson

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