God Knows Best

Since beginning my walk with God nearly five years ago, I have come to see and savor the truth that God knows much more than I do about what is best. Sure, God can part the Red Sea at the sound of His voice, but I have learned that God is committed much more to my holiness than my happiness: more committed to my conformity (to Him) than my comfort. I have begun learning to praise Him in the daily manna.

I’ve encountered a lot of hard things in my life: some difficulties brought upon by personal struggles in sin such as an eating disorder, others brought upon as result of the sin of another such as abuse, and other trials brought to me by the sovereign Lord merely for the sake of my refinement and His glory –

but God has made it very clear to me that he is worthy of trusting in all of it.

He is sovereign, He is good, He is for me, and He is working all things for my conformity to the likeness of His Son Jesus – to the praise of His glorious grace.

Often I find myself thinking my timing is better: it has taken five years of growing so far and I’m still no where near where I deem I should be spiritually, but if there’s one thing I have learned about following Jesus it’s that His plan is so much better. He is worthy of my surrender and trust. God has promised that He will bring the good work He has begun in me to completion. Since God promises this, I can trust that His grace is sufficient to bring me there.

The gospel has brought me peace in a dark and stormy world. It has provided me with the understanding like that of Joseph in Genesis 50:20, “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.” The gospel is a story of Life, and I praise God for His loving intervention in my life five years ago – slowly revealing to me that real Life is found in laying my life down.

Spending the last three years or so at Hope has been essential in my walk with God. Like I said, He knows much better than we do what is best: and for me it was Hope. At Hope I experienced the raw and genuineness of the gospel: we really don’t have to clean it up before we come to God. Rather, we come to God as we are, and He loves us far too much to leave us that way.

Lindsay Deans

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