707 Film Fest

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Hope’s vision is to help as many people as possible become fully devoted followers of Christ. One of the ways we think that happens is through Gospel in community on mission. The 707 Film Fest exists to help build community within the body of Hope and is one of the best ways for you to build community through having fun and hanging out while making an awesome film with other people from Hope. We care more about seeing your group have a great time together than about the quality of your film. Seriously! Consider getting together as a small group, joining an existing team, forming a team with some people you met in your Ed Hour, or getting together with your roommates to create a film. Our hope for you is that Film Fest is a great opportunity to build community, share the Gospel, and enjoy the creativity that we have in Christ.

Filmmaking starts Sunday, February 5th. There will be a mandatory director’s meeting at 11am in the Hope East Fireside Room to draw your team’s theme (see more about themes below) and receive the required line of dialogue and prop.

Submissions are due February 26th at Noon.  No late submissions will be accepted.  Please make sure your film is done and that it works properly before that date.

707 Film Fest Screening and Awards Night – March 11th Starting at 5:00pm If 20 films or less are submitted, the screening will start at 7:00pm. If over 20 films are submitted, films will start showing at 5pm, a short intermission will happen at 6:45, and more films will show at 7pm. The Awards ceremony will happen immediately after the 7pm showing. Shannon will inform team directors before March 11th if there will be two showings and at which showing your team’s film will play.


Forming Teams:

Teams should consist of no less than three people.  Only one film submission will be accepted per team.

Each team must have a Director. The Director will be the person who receives the team‘s assigned theme/line of dialogue/prop on February 5th and will be the contact person for your team for the duration of Film Fest.

Do you have a team formed and need to register?:  The Director is the only person on your team that needs to register. Shannon will contact the Director to confirm your registration and communicate additional information to your director.

Do you want to be on a team but need help finding one?:  Register as an individual.  Once your submission is received, we’ll help you find a team.

Don’t want to make a film but still want to join in on the fun?: Come to the 707 Film Fest Screening and Awards night on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 5:00pm at Hope East for free popcorn, sodas, movies, and a great time!

If you need some inspiration, here are a few recaps from 2016’s 707 Film Fest.


Submission Guidelines

Teams will have from February 5th, 2017 at Noon to February 26th, 2017 at Noon to complete their films. (Please note submissions are due at Noon)

Each team will receive their assignments at the director’s meeting on February 5th at 11am.  Each team must make their film in their assigned theme (see more information about themes below) and must include the mandatory line of dialogue and prop (to be announced with team assignments on February 5th). If your film does not include all three of these elements, we reserve the right to deny screening at the 707 Film Fest awards night.

Submissions must be between 3-5 minutes long. Absolutely no longer than 5 minutes. Please do not include opening and closing credits. A simple opening title screen with the name of your film is preferred.

Films cannot include suggestive or explicit content, profanity, drug use, nudity, or rude or offensive content. Some snippets of language may go beyond polite conversation but should be common everyday expressions. No derogatory or hurtful language will be accepted. Depictions of violence should be minimal and presented in a light-hearted manner. (We reserve the right to edit any film that is deemed inappropriate by the judges and reserve the right to pull that film from the screening if necessary) There should be no use of guns, gunshot noises, or scenes depicting death.

Must be submitted as a .mp4 or .mov file. You may submit your film via Google Drive, Dropbox, or on a disc or a flash drive labeled with your team name and the title of your film (No other types of files will be accepted.) Film submitted on DVDs will be kept. Flash drives will be returned on February 26th.

Submissions must be labeled with your team name and the title of your film. Because there are usually over 30 films being submitted, “Film Fest movie” or “707 Film Fest” are not acceptable file names and may cause confusion on which film belongs to which team. A title like, “Team Awesome – The Best Day Ever” is preferred.

Submissions must be completed and turned in no later than February 26th at Noon. Shannon will be in the community room (7th street side between the stairs) at Hope East from 9am-Noon to receive your submissions.  Please write your team name and the title of your film on the DVD or as your file name on the flash drive before you submit it. If you want to change the name of your team from the name with which you registered, please let Shannon know before you submit your film.

Each Director should prepare a short (less than one-minute) acceptance speech in preparation for the awards ceremony. Directors, please sit on the bottom floor in the sanctuary to be prepared to go on stage in the event that you win an award.

Each team is allowed to turn in one movie poster with your film fest movie submission. These posters will be used to advertise your movie and promote the Film Fest Awards night. The posters will be posted in the Community Room at Hope. Your poster could include picture(s), and your film title and theme (think of typical movie poster advertisement). Posters are subject to approval of Hope Staff and will not be posted if they contain anything inappropriate. Please include the .jpg of your poster on your disc or flash drive, send it via Google Drive or Dropbox, or email it before February 26th [email protected] Posters will be printed on a 20″ x 28″ page.

Theme Descriptions: 

In past Film Fests, each team has been assigned a genre in which to make their film. The 2017 will implement themes instead of genres. Basically, a theme is something that we want the film to focus around. So, instead of an assigned genre where we might say, “you need to make a comedy (monster/heist/etc) film about anything,” we’re saying, “you can make whatever kind of film you want about this theme.”

For example, if you pulled the theme “Fitting in,” you could make a mockumentary about Tetris pieces and how the z shaped piece never feels like he fits in. Or you could make a coming of age film about a kid at clown school whose feet just won’t grow into his clown shoes. Or you could make a film noir about a detective who can’t figure out how this one piece of evidence fits into his case. The options are endless!

At the director’s meeting, your team will draw one of several possible themes. There will be fewer themes to choose from (than the number of genres from which we used to draw) because themes offer so much more room for variety. Due to the smaller number of possible choices, we will not be announcing the themes before the director’s meeting.

If you have questions about themes and what this will look like, feel free to ask those questions at the director’s meeting.

Registration is now closed. If you would like to register, please email [email protected]

Questions?: [email protected]