Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Born to Christian parents, I went to church weekly and loved bedtime bible stories.  I grew up never doubting God’s presence – this is a gift I know is from God.  Yet I never sought out God in daily life.

Having been labeled a good kid/student/athlete, I never felt I needed God.

I was deeply proud and self-righteous.  When a health issue in high school humbled me and crashed my future plans, God drew me to the Bible and it felt as if I was reading it for the first time.  I could not put it down- there was hope that my life still mattered to God.

I attended a proudly secular university and plugged into InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a freshman.  In learning to study the bible on my own, God deepened my understanding of Himself and challenged me with seeing others through His eyes.  This grew a love in me that I’ve never had before for my friends, that they would come to know Him- I actively began to look for (and followed through on) ways that God might involve me in His work in the lives of my friends.

I continued to actively seek God through spending time daily reading my bible, praying, and being actively involved in a Christian community that showed me true friendship and accountability.  I learned how to depend on Him through leadership with InterVarsity.  God continued growing me up by convicting me to repent of various sins embedded in my life.  Through his grace, some have been overcome, and others continue to be struggles.

After graduation, I married Jarrod, moved to Minnesota, started my career, and jumped into a church community, thinking our lives would be anything but typical, full of endless adventures to change the world!  Somehow,13 years later, I have 2 kids, work in a cubicle, live in the suburbs, drive a Camry, and have been involved with the same church for 11 years…my daily life is ordinary, full of blessings, but not quite the adventure I envisioned…

Yet God is teaching me that I can live my “typical” life immersed in His meaningful work.

God doesn’t need me to be awesome- He will use my life to show off how awesome He himself is!  I’m learning to seek God’s presence daily in living out my long-term commitments (wife, mom, co-worker, neighbor, friend) of this season of life that He has for me.  I’m learning the satisfying joy of following hard after an extraordinary God through my very ordinary adventure.

Katie Aman

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