Baptism of David Wenzel

DavidWenzelI was born into a Christian (Catholic) family that went to church, prayed every day, etc. I was baptized as a child and went to Catholic school through eighth grade. Although my parents love Jesus deeply and taught me plenty about our faith, I never really felt enthusiastic about my walk with God. I was confirmed in high school, but began to be the 1 hour a week type Christian who wasn’t really living a Christian life. This continued in college and I mainly continued going to church out of obligation rather than joy.

I met my future wife three years ago, who asked me if I wanted to check out Hope long before we even started dating. As time went on, the depth of Hope’s messages began to grow on me, and my interest in Christianity somewhat “reignited”. In the past three years I’ve learned a lot about my faith, specifically the seemingly obvious fact of salvation based on grace rather than works. I’m enjoying being involved in small group, LDI Offroad, and meeting more people at Hope who share my love for Jesus. I look forward to reaffirming my faith in Jesus and taking this next step in my faith journey.

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