Baptism of Calvin Treichler

Calvin2I grew up in a very faith-filled home. My parents were and are the most significant spiritual leaders in my life. My dad is actually Steve Treichler, so I literally grew up here at Hope. At a very young age, I understood the Gospel well enough to realize that I was sinful, that I needed a savior, and that believing and putting my trust in Jesus and letting Him forgive me of my sins through His death on the cross and His resurrection was the only way I could be saved. So, at that early age (4 or 5), I committed my life to Christ.

After that, I experienced gradual growth throughout my elementary and middle school years. As I entered high school, my faith was challenged because even though I actually went to a Christian high school, I had very few friends who were challenging or encouraging me in my walk with the Lord. Because of this, I was not chasing after God like I had been more in my earlier years, and I was not surrendering control of my entire life to Him, only things that were most convenient to me, especially my time. I was in control of how I spent my time and who I spent my time with, and so I was not spending much of that time with God.

Then I came to college and I have seen God working in my life, and my faith has taken off. Through getting involved with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), I have experienced Gospel community, and God has worked so beautifully through that community to show me how awesome and joyful it is to surrender your whole life to Him. I’ve seen God grow me in many ways, especially I’ve seen God work in me to continue to be surrendering all things to Him each and every day, and trusting that he’s in control and knows what’s best for me.

I’m getting baptized because I want to bring glory and praise to God by showing my friends and family the amazing work God has and is doing in my life!

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