Bullying and the Gospel

This is my story.  My name is Nathan Fahlin and I am new to Hope Community Church as I’ve only been here about a year now, but when this topic came up I thought no better way than to share this with all of you. For the most part my life had been normal with parents and 3 brothers back home, but what not many of them knew was the treatment that was happening at school.

It started in elementary school and continued on to high school, the bullying that is.

I wasn’t small back then for my age yet I was taught to be the doormat or turn the other cheek, but that only goes so far when it comes to bullying and eventually my feeling turned to anger because of the torment. Eventually, I just wanted the pain stop, to not hear people cutting me down anymore.

After high school I joined the Army National Guard here in Minnesota and started to find people who didn’t care and accepted me for me. This was opposite for a lot of my experiences that I had in high school and even my youth group. We treated each other like brothers and trained together, eventually we would go to war together. We would fight, bleed, and cry together while we severed in Iraq from March of 2006 to July of 2007. For me though my journey didn’t stop, on Dec. 19, 2006 while traveling south bound my Humvee was hit by an I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device) wounding the three of us that were riding in the vehicle.

Fast forward as I began to make the transition home, I found myself going back looking for God and he met me at a church we open arms. Anchor Point Community Church back in Duluth, MN where I’m from, this is where God began to transform my life and change it completely, this is why I’m going to school to become a pastor now and have a heart for ministry especially working with veterans.

It’s that I know God can redeem anyone of us and change our lives into something beautiful.

Even now God is healing the wounds from my childhood, taking the words from the bullies, the harsh thinking, and the pain that those all caused me. Now, I’m living for him and I’m on a mission from God. Our God redeems! Be encouraged!

Nathan Fahlin

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