Baptism of Bri Schmitt

BriUnlike a lot of people here probably, I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. I never really questioned it because I didn’t know anything else. I thought it was strange that people would believe in God when I could do just as well as him, in fact I thought my way was far better. I grew up thinking I was living the perfect life and found my identity in that; I had the perfect family, I was a good student, and a good athlete, I truly thought I had it all. Little did I know, I was missing out on a wonderful life with a Father who loves me even though I constantly fall short of his glory.

When I was 17, my dad’s best friend who was like a second father to me was killed in a car accident. This turned my life upside down; I became constantly anxious about anything and everything and I isolated myself from just about everyone that wasn’t my family. I blamed a “God” I didn’t believe in for what had happened because I needed somewhere to direct my anger.

That summer, two friends of mine, Megan and Courtney, asked me just about every single day if I would go to Young Life camp in Colorado. All I thought about Young Life was that they were just another annoying Christian group I didn’t want to get involved with. Finally, 1 week before they were leaving for camp I committed to go for some reason, which I know now it was God. And there I was in Colorado with a group of people I’d never met and it was there that my life would change forever.

On August 2nd, 2012 I heard the Gospel for the first time in my life. I heard how I was a sinner and Jesus died for me on the cross, a worthless and helpless high school student that wanted so much not to know Him. I couldn’t even comprehend what I had heard and all I could do was cry. With 500 other students packed around me all I could feel was God there, arms wide open waiting for me to come home.

I didn’t know what to expect when becoming a believer in Christ, but today, 3 years later, all I can say is Jehovah Jireh (the Lord provides). He has provided me with friends, old and new, that have become family and helped shape me into the God-loving person I am today. And each and every day I can feel Him working in my life in some way or another.

I am choosing to be baptized today because I finally feel like I have church to call my home. More importantly, it is to publicly acknowledge my imperfections and my need for a God that loves me. Because of this, I wake up every day and find joy in living a life that glorifies our good, good Father.

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