Being Sent Means Action & Trust

For me, being sent is two fold.

The first half is the action. Living my life with intentionality and a desire to meet people where they are at. Living in such a way that I am sincerely connected to other people in my life. As a small group leader at Hope I get to experience this every week. During accountability time the men of our group build deeper friendship and come along side each other when life gets hard.

I think being sent is getting so connected with others in your community that selfless acts become second nature. When a group member or friend needs help you can drop the things your doing a be there for them and it doesn’t feel like an inconvenience to you to put your life on hold to help someone else.

The second half is the trust. Before I agreed to become a small group leader I had to trust that God was actually sending me there. I was so nervous to lead. I had never lead a small group before, and quite frankly I was a little intimidated by the scriptural/spiritual knowledge some of the group members had.

But each week I feel that God asks me to trust Him, and let Him take control of the discussion and conversation. Even on the weeks I don’t prepare as much as I should have, God continuously shows up and leads the group through and for me.

Being sent for me is trusting that God is in control and to take action when he asks me to.

Being a small group leader is how I’m sent into the community of believers. I am so thankful to be apart of the group and a member of this church body.

Steve Deline

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