Baptism Story – Taylor Woodall

Taylo WoodallLike many others, I grew up in a Christian home. My parents were avid supporters of my faith and made sure that I was involved in Sunday school and AWANA growing up. I remember asking Jesus Christ into my life when I was in elementary school (7 or 8 years old).There were, obviously, no drastic changes and I carried on with my life. I was aware that we could have a personal relationship with Him, and so I would talk to Him on a daily basis and tried to include Him in every aspect of my life. I was blessed with a very Christian extended family and had a Christian community.

Then, middle school and high school came. My life was full of temptation and sin, but I still knew in the back of my head that I was supposed to live for Him. I began to start pushing my relationship with God further and further down on my list of priorities. I looked for my value and worth in the wrong things, and that was very clear in my life.

In my later years of high school, a close friend of mine invited me to her youth group. I was excited to attend and truly loved the experience I had the first night there. I continued attending this youth group, but it just made me feel guilt and shame because I wasn’t ready in my faith walk to give up what was holding me back from God.

College came. I wasn’t planning on joining a Christian group, but I stumbled upon Cru. This was the best thing that I have ever “stumbled upon” in my entire life. It saved me. I started attending a weekly Bible study and cru meetings, through which I found an amazing Christian community. I gradually grew closer to this community and to God, and my faith matured immensely. After one of our retreats for Cru, I laid my life down for God once again and was able to give up the things that were holding me back from pursuing Him with my whole heart.


I have seen and experienced how beautiful it is to surrender your whole life to God. Seeing the importance of community has also been a life changing experience. We are all broken, but He is full of grace. Seeing Him everywhere has been such a blessing and I am excited to see where my walk with God takes me throughout the rest of college and beyond!

I am choosing to be baptized because it is a symbol of His grace. It is my public surrender to Him as I acknowledge my sins and imperfections and rejoice in His unconditional love.

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