Baptism of Steve Deline

I’ve been regularly attending Hope Community Church for the last four years or so and have come to call this church my home. I met and married the love of my life at Hope and now I’m going to be baptized on the same stage. The community of believers at this church have been such a strong influence in my life that I want to become a covenant member of the church.

Every Sunday the gospel preached, the truth thought, and the love of God poured out to His people. The teachings and messages have changed me. I see the world differently than I did before. I feel that God is reaching out to me, jealously perusing my heart and asking to repent, turn back to Him. Over the last few months this thought has been floating around in my mind that “baptism is a public declaration of an inward change”. I can proudly say that there has been an inward change of my heart. I choose to repent of my ways and follow after God, trusting in Him with my life and salvation. I trust Christ with the forgiveness of my sins and that he will bear the full weight of my sin so that, by the His grace will be free from the Law and no longer bound to it.

Steve Deline

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