Baptism of Rachael Kramlinger

Ever since I can remember I believed in God, but I struggled to understand why He had given me the life that I have. I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 3 months old and have gone through many trials due to my health. Throughout my childhood, I was pained with the question of why I have CF and, to put it frankly, why God didn’t just let me die so that I could be released of the physical pain and obstacles that I faced. I saw myself as a burden on all the supportive people in my life and held the identity of a CF patient close to my heart. My actions, plans, and attitudes all revolved around CF.

I began to truly seek Christ after I was diagnosed with PTSD from a very long, difficult, and fear-inducing bout of sickness. After looking for answers anywhere I could find them, God was the only answer that took my weakness from me and made me whole again. I began to trust that Christ could take on my pain, both emotional and physical, and He has and will provide while I am on earth.

When I dedicated my life to God, I was finally able to let go of that identity and see myself clearly as a daughter of Christ. Once I fully trusted in Him, I understood that He died for us so that we can live! We all have an eternal, beautiful life through Him!!!

Looking back on my life, God has provided good, loving people and opportunities for me so that I could stay alive. In times of difficulty, I take heart from Mary’s reply ‘How will this be?’ I know, and deeply believe, that God continues my life here on earth so that I can carry out His perfect plan for me in a broken world.

Rachael Kramlinger

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