Baptism of Nolan Bauer

My mother tells a story about how when I was a young child, she told me of her brother’s death. She told me that up in Heaven there was a Father that “so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16). She told me that I was brought to tears during that talk, because I felt the sadness of the lost. That young child dreamed of a life where he could someday reach the lost and share with them that beautiful gift which is right in front of all of us. I remember as a child sitting in church and feeling God talk to me through the messages and convicting me of sin guiding me to do his will. I felt His very presence as a friend in those days, he seemed so close to me.

During my sophomore year of high school, I remember looking out of a window in despair and deep depression just wondering what had happened to that child that once held God so dear. I found myself struggling to hold a mask on my face that displayed the good and hid the bad. I was torn in two, putting on a good show for the world and all the while entertaining the monster I felt within. I was a prisoner to shame under the weight of the guilt from the sin of my life. I found myself wanted escape instead of healing. My ignorant bliss brought me to think that taking my own life was the answer, but God brought me to my knees in desperation. I remember praying to Him just asking for a miracle.

I remember late in the summer of 2013 sitting in an office with a pastor, when I realized how broken I really was. I was sick of running, the burden was far too great for me to bear. I knew that Christ could never forgive me. Even as I confessed my life to this pastor I wanted him to tell me how hopeless it was for me. But then, Christ used him to tell me that I could be forgiven. I sat in disbelief as I surrendered my life and Christ did the unthinkable and took my burden and set me free. No longer was I dead in my sin, but I was made free by my Lord & Savior.

Today I still stand amazed at that scandalous grace and I am forever indebted to Christ. I am always seeking to share His love with others and become a reflection of His grace. I am choosing to be baptized to express the radical change that has occurred in my life. I am no longer who I was, and I owe it all to Christ. I want to acknowledge that God used others in my life to bring me to His fold, and give them the chance to see my thanks for them and God. I want obey a God that loves me in every way I can, this is a step in that direction. I’m excited to be baptized and let God show the change within my life.

Nolan Bauer

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