Baptism of Mike Fiore

I grew up in a Christian home where both of my parents were believers in Christ, regular church attenders, the whole nine yards.  I accepted Christ as my savior when I was little.  I was old enough to grasp what it meant, but I was also young enough that I don’t even have a clear picture of exactly when it was.  I grew up in church, Sunday school, and youth group.  I went to a Christian school and played on the worship team at church, school, and youth group.  I lived in a Christian bubble most of my life, up until my last couple years of college when I transferred to the University of Minnesota. It wasn’t until then that I was challenged to claim my faith as my own.

It is that faith which I now want to publicly declare.  I want to stand in front of all of you and publicly declare my intention to follow Christ.  I will strive to obey and honor Him and to lead my family, which I’ll be starting when I get married later this year, down that same path.  I make this public declaration with joy and hope it will serve as an encouragement to you and a reminder of the love of our God and the extent to which He was willing to go to redeem His people.

Mike Fiore

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