Baptism of Jesse Poppe

I grew up being baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church. My parents took us to church every week, I went to Sunday school and even served as an alter boy. As college and time went by I started to become a C&Eer (only attending on Christmas and Easter) and began to view the teachings that I was hearing as less and less relevant to my life. I still believed in God and the healing power of Christ, but without a way to practice my faith it began to wane – slowing from a steady flow to barely a trickle. I began to only put my faith in myself and for years focused on just improving my own situation, turning to God out of necessity.

One day, after having recently received a medical scare in my family, I got the overwhelming sensation of an icy cold hand gripping my heart as I realized that my time on this Earth is finite. I knew this, of course, but until that moment I didn’t REALLY know what it meant. What I did know in that moment of sheer terror was that my pride and selfishness that I had been so focused on would not be enough to save my soul from eternal darkness.

My time at Hope has shown me that not only are biblical teachings applicable to my life, but that I have to place my trust in God. I’m choosing to be baptized as both a public display of my faith in the Lord as well as a reminder to myself of who truly has the power to save me. Although it’s probably frowned upon to cannonball as a form of baptism, that’s how my relationship with Christ feels lately: putting everything that I have into it and creating as big a splash as possible.

Jesse Poppe

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