Baptism of De Brandt

I had a tumultuous upbringing and my parents got divorced when I was going into 10th grade. Being the oldest of 3, I felt a great burden to “raise” my sister and brother since my father was physically done, and my mother emotionally gone.
By the time I was a senior in high school, I started thinking about how I would raise my future family, and didn’t’ want to make the same mistakes (and devastating consequences) that I witnessed in my own upbringing.

I began to purposely observe my classmates  and would focus on those that seemed happiest. Some were popular, some not, some athletes, some not…I found the common denominator to be their  faith in Jesus (at the time, I said they were “religious”).

I then purposely went about asking questions about God, Jesus, religion, etc. of “religious” friends. A Southern Baptist friend gave me a King James bible and told me to start reading from the beginning! That was tough, but by the time I got to the New Testament and started attending church, I began to understand a bit more, even with the difficult verbiage used in that version of the Word.

I knew I needed help, my future was way bigger than I could manage, and I made poor choices all the time. I understood why God sent Jesus.  I wanted God and His forgiveness, acceptance, joy and peace for myself and my future children. I remember laying in my bed asking Jesus if He’s real, to please be in my life. No fancy words, just the desire of my heart…I was 19. My life changed profoundly, forever.

Now, at 56, my husband and I felt it time to have a believer’s baptism, together. We’ve been married for 32 years, through sickness and health, richer or poorer, and all the challenges that the world throws at a married couple. We’ve raised 2 sons, letting them know about God, praying with them, and letting them find their own faith. I’m so eternally grateful for the gift of Jesus…

De Brandt

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