Baptism of Brian Rich

In my early youth, I grew up in a home where the knowledge of Christ was known in the mind but not accepted in the heart. Beginning in my later high school years, through God’s patience and love, I watched as my family began a transformation as my father became more engaged in church and sought Christ in his life. This allowed my mother the opportunity to move from the leading role to a supportive and nurturing role as their relationship became centered around Christ. Not yet accepting Christ in my own life, it was confusing to see how God was working in theirs as faith and the gospel became more common conversations in our family.

God’s love being patience and unwavering, I eventually wanted to search for an understanding of who God is and what the heck he wants with me! One day, on a nice long drive back to college, I listened to an audio series my parents gave me called “Affabel” by John Bevere. By the end I was balling like a baby and praying to God to forgive me of my sins; I’ve never felt so cleansed and pure in my soul than in that moment. The part I missed was the importance of fellowship and community in our faith, and not yet being strong in my foundation with Christ I fell back into old sinful habits and wicked ways. But as previously mentioned, God’s love is patient and unwavering, and I couldn’t help but notice all the seemingly random times someone would come up to me and either want to pray for me or ask me if I’ve accepted Christ in my life. These simple gestures of love brought me back, I’m so thankful to know I have a savior who will not stray, wander, or disappear in my seemingly darkest hours but will be a beacon of light that I can forever run to.

Looking back, it’s amazing how even this seemingly simple gesture of sharing the gospel, which for many of us can be a daunting task to do with a stranger, can bring a person to restoration with Christ. So to anyone thinking “God doesn’t care about me” or “I don’t deserve it,” let Christ take control and seek fellowship with others who’ve done the same. AND DON’T BE AFRAID, SHARE YOUR FAITH! You just might save someone that was like me.

Brian Rich

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