Baptism – Brooke Wente

Growing up in a Christian family, I asked God into my heart when I was 5 years old. Being young at the time I hadn’t fully grasped all that Christ had done for us. As I grew older, my faith grew. I put my trust in God and his plan for my life.

However, there were patches of weeks or months when my faith in Christ distanced. I would go days without prayer or weeks without making God a priority. In some ways I questioned what I believed. There were times when I was unsure of what should come first in my life. I always knew I should put God first, yet I would push my faith to the back burner and friends and fun would take priority. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand I will always need to remind myself that God comes first and that I fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:22).

I’m getting baptized because I want to declare what I believe in front of my family, friends and church community. I am a follower of Christ and my life is fully committed to him.

-Brooke Wente

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