Baptism – Alex Meyer

AlexMeyerMy childhood can be summed up in three words: church, school, and approval.  I committed myself to ample amounts of church activities, sought to put in copious amounts of effort and rigor into my studies, and strived to achieve maximum approval in both.

My satisfaction was derived from worldly acceptance, by my peers, teachers, family, and so on.  Yet that failed me.

It wasn’t until I reached age 12 that I truly understood Jesus’s redemption story in my heart, and that’s when He genuinely came into my life.  As I later understood, God chose me, not I him.

Since that time, my desire to grow in my faith by the power of His life-giving Spirit continues to increase each day. I no longer seek approval because I have already been accepted by Him who matter most.  I no longer desire success to fulfill me, but it is in Him that I find true, lasting fulfillment.

I’m getting baptized today because I want to publicly declare the inward transformation that Jesus has accomplished, and to unashamedly proclaim that I find my identity in God and God alone – and nothing makes me happier to say that!

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