Baptism of Andrea Johnson

AndreaJohnsonI grew up in a Christian family. I was baptized as an infant in the church I was raised in. My mom was really involved in the youth group I attended and my dad got me singing with him on the worship team when I was barely in high school. I grew up knowing Jesus personally, which I’ve come to realize is pretty miraculous- a huge blessing.

In my early years of college, the truth of my human nature, my need for Jesus, and the hope of the Gospel really started to sink in as I realized that I had spent a lot of my life agonizing over and idolizing the approval and acceptance of others. Lost friendships and old disagreements from years in my past were causing me unhealthy levels of anxiety and stress to the point of not wanting to be close with people any more for fear of the pain of real relationships. Any indication that someone was unhappy with me or that I may have unintentionally hurt someone took over my mind and shaped the way I was living.

The Lord opened my eyes to this idol in my life, my desire to be safe, comfortable, agreeable, and showed me that it was keeping me from building important relationships with others and from growing in my relationship with Him. It was a definitive act of obedience that led me to repent of that sin and fight against it every day. I see baptism as another act of obedience following Christ’s example, trusting that his will for my life is worth the daily fight because what he wants for my life is much better than how I was living… and that is worth celebrating.

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