Baptism of Alli Gerlach

Gerlach2My story. What can I tell you about my story? I have often felt there is little to share. No big life changing event. No season of major rebellion. At a glance my life, my story, seems to lack amazement. Just your average childhood in your average Christian home. Church on Sunday, bible camp in the summer. Personal exploration of God and greater understanding of the personal relationship He offers as I went through college. Seemed to be nothing special; however, I’ve come to realize that my story is amazing because GOD is amazing.

My story is one of a terrible sinner who was so fully loved by her Heavenly Father that He sent His son to die for her so that she can have new life. That is amazing! That is special! My story actually has little to do with me and everything to do with my awesome God! That is why I get baptized today. Because I am a sinner in need of a savior.

My savior is Jesus Christ. He began His work in me years ago, gradually and continually changing me, teaching me and growing my desire to be more like Him. My story is certain to have moments of much joy and others of much struggle, but no matter my circumstance, I can publicly say today that I am the daughter of a living and loving God. I am thankful and I am hopeful and God is good!

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