A Change of Heart For Missions & People

Being a missionary in a different country was never in my plan. I had gone on several mission trips and enjoyed supporting it in various ways, but never even thought about it as a possibility. Then, God placed it in front of me saying this was the path he had chosen for me. A path that included moving to Germany for two years to serve the city through the arts and organizational skills.

At first, I fought hard against what God had just told me. I didn’t want to leave friends and family for two years. I didn’t want to put my career and graduate studies on hold. I didn’t want to miss out on important events such as engagements, weddings, babies, and people moving away. He even showed me how He has been preparing me for this path by connecting Germany in my life from being born there to having a foreign exchange student from Berlin.

However, even after accepting God’s path, I felt like Jonah as I reluctantly went through the motions of support raising and getting rid of most of my possessions. My mind was set that I was going out of obedience to God, but I wanted to let him know I wasn’t happy about it. However, as he provided financial and prayer support, as he brought needy people to claim my worldly possessions, and as he safely brought me to Germany something in my heart began to change.

He gave me his eyes to see how there is a world of lost and hurting people. They long for Him, but need someone, just one person, to talk to them about His love.

He opened my heart that was set on it’s own will and selfishness and began to change it to become more like His heart. After I had been in Germany for five months someone asked me, “If you could go back to the States with no repercussions and go back to your life before, would you?” I thought about the question for a little bit, but my answer was no.

Despite the hardships of moving to another culture, learning a new language, and spiritual warfare, I would never exchange these moments. Doing missions as my life has strengthened my relationship with Him in ways that wouldn’t have been possible had I stayed and it has shown me the value of relationships with others.

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